Introduction to epitaxial plant

  Epitaxial process is a thin layer growth technology. It can mass produce epitaxial wafers with uniform impurity, uniform thickness and complete lattice structure. The contradiction between frequency characteristics and breakdown power characteristics in transistor fabrication can be solved by using homogeneous epitaxy technology to prepare n / N + or P / P + epitaxial wafers. Using the epitaxial wafer of N / P structure can realize the isolation between the components of bipolar integrated circuit, greatly improve the reliability, yield and reduce the cost.

  Today's world is an era of information technology. The electronic information industry supported by microelectronic technology and dominated by computer and communication industry is the pillar industry of knowledge economy in the future, and semiconductor silicon material is the most important and widely used basic functional material of this pillar industry, More than 90% of large scale integrated circuits (LSI) and very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) are fabricated on high-purity * * silicon polished and epitaxial wafers. Our company mainly adopts silicon vapor phase epitaxy, using the gaseous compounds of silicon, mainly SiHCl3 and SiH2Cl2. These two silicon compounds react with hydrogen on the surface of heated silicon substrate or decompose themselves, reduce to silicon, and precipitate on the surface of silicon substrate in the form of single crystal, which can produce 2-6-inch CMOS, discrete devices, power devices, IGBT multilayer epitaxy and buried layer epitaxy.

  ·Our epitaxial production equipment mainly includes:

  ·Mt7700k cylindrical infrared heating epitaxial furnace

  ·Mt7811k cylindrical infrared heating epitaxial furnace

  ·There are 18 RF flat plate epitaxial furnaces (Hitachi), dc6000, dc6000s and dc8600s single-chip epitaxial furnaces, with a monthly production capacity of 100000 pieces.

  ·Advanced testing equipment:

  ·Film thickness tester: Nicolet 6700

  ·CV tester: csm4a01 and MDC CV tester

  ·Expansion resistance: SSM SRP 2000

  ·4pp tester: vr-30 vr-70

  ·Metallographic microscope: Olympus MX50

  ·Spotlight: uih-3d

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