SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. annual output of 1.2 million 0.18 micron and below analog, digital analog integrated circuit project environment


The proposed site of SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. is located at No. 1 Mintai Avenue, Yizheng Economic Development Zone. According to the requirements of environmental management, we hereby entrust Jiangsu Shengtai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to undertake the environmental impact assessment of our company. In accordance with the provisions of the Interim Measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, the relevant information is hereby announced as follows:

1、 Name and general situation of construction project

1. Project Name: analog, digital and analog integrated circuit project with annual output of 1.2 million 0.18 micron and below

2. Project Overview:

At present, with the progress of China's semiconductor technology and the strengthening of world trade, great changes have taken place in the industrial structure of the global semiconductor industry, and the characteristics of international division of labor are more and more obvious. IC and memory chips are mainly produced abroad by 8 ″ - 12 ″ silicon wafer production lines; The chips of discrete devices are increasingly being transferred to Chinese mainland, and the production line is made from 3 "-6" silicon wafer production line, and the demand for products is not enough, and the market is very promising. This project maintains the international advanced level in the unique manufacturing field of big split device chip. On the basis of successful investment in China, Japan International Electronic Trade Co., Ltd. continues to increase its investment projects in China, establishes SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd., and plans to build a new analog and digital analog integrated circuit project with an annual output of 1.2 million 0.18 micron and below. The total investment of the project is 99.8 million US dollars (610.02 million yuan), which is planned to be built at No.1 Mintai Avenue, Yizheng Economic Development Zone. The project includes production plant, R & D building, integrated circuit production line, etc. After completion, it will produce 1.2 million analog and digital analog integrated circuits with an annual output of 0.18 micron and below.

2、 Name and contact information of construction unit

Company name: SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd

Tel: 13951434528 contact person: LV Shuanglin

Address: 89 Hongda Road, Yangzhou Economic Development Zone

3、 Units undertaking environmental impact assessment and their contact information

Company name: Jiangsu Shengtai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: 025-66082282 Fax: 025-84587267

Contact person: Chen Gong

Address: Qianshan science and Technology Park, 151 Jiangjun Avenue, Nanjing

4、 Working procedures and main contents of environmental impact assessment

1. Evaluation procedure: the main working procedure of environmental impact assessment is to accept the entrustment of evaluation, carry out project survey, carry out on-site investigation and monitoring of environmental quality around the project, and prepare environmental impact assessment report.

2. Main work contents: detailed analysis of 1.2 million pieces of 0.18 micron and below analog and digital analog integrated circuit projects, quantitative calculation and qualitative analysis of various pollution sources generated during the operation of the project, and put forward feasible pollution control measures to ensure that all kinds of pollutants in the project meet the discharge standards and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment; Analyze the feasibility of project site selection; Carry out public participation activities; Put forward environmental management and monitoring program.

5、 Main issues for soliciting public opinions

Scope: affected residents and units around the project site.

Main issues: 1) the main attitude of the public towards the proposed project; ② The main existing environmental problems are considered; ③ Main environmental impacts during the construction period of the project; ④ How to reduce the noise, waste water, waste gas, solid waste and other environmental impacts of the project construction; ⑤ Other suggestions and requirements.

6、 Main ways of public opinion

Tel: 025-66082282

Fax: 025-84587267

Email to

7、 Publicity time

The time for soliciting opinions is within 10 working days from the publication of this announcement.


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