The second announcement of SMIC's new integrated circuit project


I. overview of construction project

Project Name: new integrated circuit project of SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd

Project Overview: SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. has invested 188.93 million yuan to build an integrated circuit project. The project is planned to be built at No.1 Mintai Avenue, Yizheng Economic Development Zone. The project will build production plant, power center, equipment warehouse, chemical warehouse and other buildings, purchase production equipment and build integrated circuit production line. After the project is put into operation, a production scale of 1.2 million analog and digital analog integrated circuits with an annual output of 0.8 micron and below will be formed.

2、 Possible impact of construction project on Environment

1. Atmospheric environment

The waste gas generated in this project mainly includes acid waste gas (HCl, sulfuric acid mist, fluoride, nitrogen oxide), organic waste gas (non methane total hydrocarbon, acetone, trichloroethylene, ethanol) and process waste gas. The acid waste gas is collected by the fans of each section and then led to the acid gas scrubber for treatment and discharge. The organic waste gas is treated by the activated carbon adsorption tower and discharged. The process waste gas is burned and then sent to the acid gas scrubber for treatment and discharge. The exhaust gas after treatment can meet the requirements of relevant standards. The project takes the chemical warehouse as the center and sets up a health protection distance of 50m.

2. Water environment

The wastewater generated in this project is mainly process wastewater and domestic sewage. The discharge of process wastewater is about 379 200 m3 / a (1264 m3 / D). The domestic sewage discharge is 6912 m3 / A. The process wastewater is divided into acidic wastewater treatment equipment and fluorine-containing wastewater treatment equipment according to the different properties of wastewater. The domestic wastewater is treated by septic tank and discharged into Yizheng Shikang wastewater treatment Co., Ltd. for treatment after reaching the connection standard. The tail water is discharged into the Yangtze River, which has little impact on the water quality of the Yangtze River.

3. Acoustic environment

The noise equipment of this project mainly includes fan, refrigerator, cooling tower, fan and air compressor. The noise control method is to select advanced low-noise equipment as far as possible, to reduce noise by vibration reduction and sound insulation treatment for high noise equipment, to reasonably arrange equipment layout, and to plant greening around the plant. After the operation of the project, the noise at the boundary of the plant can meet the emission standard, and the function status of the regional acoustic environment will not be reduced.

4. Solid waste

The solid waste of this project includes hazardous waste, general solid waste and domestic waste. Among them, hazardous waste is entrusted to a qualified unit for treatment, general solid waste and domestic waste are regularly cleared and transported by the environmental sanitation department, and the solid waste discharge is zero.

3、 Current situation of environmental quality

The monitoring results of atmospheric environmental quality show that SO2, NO2 and PM10 meet the secondary standard of ambient air quality standard (gb3095-2012), sulfuric acid mist and hydrogen chloride meet the hygienic standard for industrial enterprise design (tj36-79), non methane total hydrocarbon meet the Israeli ambient air quality standard, and the local air quality is good.

The monitoring results of water environment quality show that the water quality of each monitoring section is good, and all monitoring factors except SS meet the requirements of class III water environment function in environmental quality standard for surface water (GB3838-2002). The reason of SS exceeding the standard is that the upstream water exceeds the standard.

The monitoring results of acoustic environment quality show that the noise of each monitoring point meets the standard requirements.

The monitoring results of groundwater environmental quality show that: according to the analysis of the evaluation results, the ammonia nitrogen at the monitoring point except meter exceeds the standard; Other monitoring factors of groundwater in the project site can meet the class III standard of quality standard for groundwater (GB / t14848-93). Ammonia nitrogen exceeding the standard is mainly due to the sandy soil where the project is located, the residents nearby are concentrated, there is no centralized wastewater treatment facilities, the pollution of farmland non-point source and domestic wastewater, and the slow leakage of pollutants.

The monitoring results of soil environmental quality show that the soil environmental quality is good, and all monitoring factors can meet the requirements of the second grade standard of "soil environmental quality standard" (GB 15618-1995).

4、 Key points of environmental impact assessment conclusions in environmental impact report

The construction of this project is in line with * * and local industrial policies, cleaner production process and production equipment are adopted in the production process, and the pollution control measures are technically feasible, which can ensure the stable discharge of pollutants up to the standard. The site selection and layout of the project are reasonable. From the perspective of environmental protection, the project construction is feasible.

5、 Main issues for soliciting public opinions

The purpose of public participation is to collect the opinions, requirements and wishes of the public within the scope of the project. If the public has any objection to the project, please contact the project unit or EIA unit within 10 working days after this announcement.

6、 Main ways of public opinion

The public can contact the project unit or EIA unit by telephone, fax, letter, e-mail, etc. the contact information is as follows.

Name of construction unit: SMIC semiconductor (Yizheng) Co., Ltd

Tel: 13951434528 contact person: Mr. LV

Address: 89 Hongda Road, Yangzhou Economic Development Zone

Name of undertaking environmental impact assessment unit: Jiangsu Shengtai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: 025-66082282 Fax: 025-84587267

Contact person: Yu Gong

Address: Qianshan science and Technology Park, 151 Jiangjun Avenue, Nanjing


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